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Think Multifamily Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

Hey investors. 2020 was a wild ride so Mark and Tamiel decided to do something a little different for this finale podcast of the year. Join the Kenney’s to review Multifamily in a pandemic and discuss how they helped others START and SCALE their investing careers when much of the world was stalled. Want to know how

Dec 23, 2020

Welcome back, investors? At Think Multifamily, we believe in keeping the FAMILY in Multifamily Investing and our guests today are the perfect example of this. Join us as we catch up with the McKees: Jeff, Cindy and their son Brice who after 3 years investing passively as a family, decided they wanted to become more...

Dec 16, 2020

Hey investors! 2020 introduced an unprecedented time for Multifamily. With new lending qualifications and changing protocols, many investors found it difficult to keep up and scale their portfolios this year due to Covid. Think Multifamily does NOT want YOUR investing career to become a grim statistic. That’s why...

Dec 10, 2020

Welcome back investors. We know 2020 has been a tough year. Many small businesses closed their doors, corporations went bankrupt, and loved ones were forced to spend extended time away from one another. It’s in times like these we all need a family to support us and help us find success. At Think Multifamily, we...